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The Dragon Boat Festival was recorded in the primary cluster Directory of National-Level Non-Material Cultural Heritage by China’s State Council on twentieth of May in 2006 and it was chosen as “One of the Representatives of the Global Non-Material Heritage of Mankind ” by the UNESCO Committee on 30th of September in 2009, which turns into a legitimate occasion for the Chinese individuals these days.

Although these distinctions, the principle exercises are essentially indistinguishable during the Dragon Boat Festival, including mythical serpent boat dashing, eating Zongzi (steamed glutinous rice enveloped by bamboo leaves), hanging banner leaves on the doors and drinking realgar wine, and so forth. By taking a break and space, the celebration is additionally generally welcomed by the individuals from the Southeast Asian Countries, and the Dragon Boat Racing has turned into global aggressive games.

It was recorded in the Book of History composed by Sima Qian from the Western Han tradition (206-25), “Qu Yuan, pastor of King Huai of Chu State in the Warring States Period (475 B.C.- 221 B.C.), pushed prescribing the competent and prudent people to make his nation rich and battling against the Qin State by mollifying the Qi State, who met with furious resistance from Zi Lan (a slippery court authority), and he was banished to Yuan and Xiang zones by King Huai of Chu State inferable from the harmful defamations. Qu Yuan composed Li Sao (a ballad gathering) during his ousted days, wherein he demonstrated extraordinary worry to the Chu State and the individuals in it. The Qin Army caught Ying (Capital of the Chu State) in 278 B.C., bringing about the end of the Chu State. Out of the gloom, Quan Yuan ended it all in the Mingluo River when his motherland was crushed. ”

The soonest legend about the Dragon Boat Festival was recorded in Xu Qi Xie Ji composed by Wu Jun from the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-581), and it read, “The local individuals attempted to recover his cadaver by boats in the wake of hearing the news that the enthusiastic writer Qu Yuan ended it all in the Miluo River, and they paddled boats in the Dongting Lake and discovered nothing. The downpour all of a sudden poured, and the anglers living on the Dongting Bank additionally took part in looking through the cadaver of Qu Yuan when they knew about his story. The Zongzi were tossed into the lake by the local individuals to encourage fish, who accepted that the fish would eat Zongzi rather than Qu Yuan’s body. In antiquated occasions, the local individuals frequently paddled boats in the Dongting Lake to express their misery over Qu Yuan’s passing, which develops to the present Dragon Boat Racing as time passes by.